A collection of jewelry with sakura motifs


Rose Quartz Sakura Necklace

Beauriful necklace wraping five rose quartzs within a sakura frame, looking like a blooming flower on your chest!

Necklace:¥23,100 JPY

Silver Sakura Pattern Ring

A ring designed with sakura petals. You can choose the color from pink gold and silver.

Rosegold Coating:¥14,200 JPY
Oxidized on some parts:¥12,000 JPY


Silver Sakura Enamel Ring & Bangle

The sakura motif is painted with pink enamel. There are two types: rings and bangles. It's very cute when you put it on as a set.

Ring:¥15,000 JPY
Bangle:¥30,000 JPY


Ring & Bangle