About L&Co.JAPAN

We are an online shop specialized in Japanese jewelry. Our company <<L&Co.JAPAN>> represents the jewelry makers from Yamanashi Prefecture, the region which accounts for one-third of jewels production in Japan. Since our CEO, Mr.Mochizuki, is at the same time the Vice-Chairman of the Japan Jewellery Association which brings together about a thousand manufacturers, we can offer you a variety of Japanese jewelry brands.

We are also opening (in September 2019) our flagship store in Tokyo, where you will be able to make your own jewelry and/or pick up your online orders. Additionally, we offer guided tours to our factory in Kofu City, Yamanashi.

The Brand 「Jewels Japan」 has been reborn to {L &Co. Japan} from the 1st of July. Craftsmen create jewelry with the feelings of “being close to the wearer’s daily life and bringing good luck “.