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10 Karat Gold Diamond0.10ct Necklace Shippo|60-8176

10 Karat Gold Diamond0.10ct Necklace Shippo|60-8176

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● All jewels are made-to-order. Manufacture time: 4weeks+delivery date via DHL from Japan.

The diamond necklace has a simple design, but a Japanese pattern is designed on the side. This necklace has a Shippo design.This is one of those pieces that will become an absolute wardrobe staple because once you own one, it is so versatile. Made with 0.10ct diamonds and a yellow gold chain.

Gemstone Diamond 0.10ct
Material 10k Gold
Size 4.0mm×4.0mm
Chain length 40cm, shorten to 37cm

Good luck pattern series. Auspicious patterns are a general term for patterns that express the meaning of a good omen or auspicious sign. Traditional Japanese patterns are lucky charms unique to Japan. I designed a single diamond pendant with such an auspicious pattern as a motif. Put a pattern on the side and a simple design on the front. This necklace is perfect as a gift for someone special, or as a talisman for yourself.

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