Wagara/Patterns Collection

Japanese pattern design jewelry. Introducing 6 types of Japanese patterns.

Seigaiha 青海波

Seigaiha is a pattern that evokes the blessings of the vast ocean, and is an auspicious pattern that expresses a wish for happiness that continues into eternity and a peaceful life for people.

Edokiriko 江戸切子

Edo Kiriko is cut glass characterized by beautiful patterns created by cutting into the surface of the glass. This is a piece of jewelry inspired by that beautiful pattern.


Sakura are also famous as the national flower of Japan.The flower language of Sakura is "spiritual beauty", "elegant woman" and "purity".


Tomoe represents the shape of swirling water. This swirl is often used for roof tiles of private houses as a fire protection. Also, in Japan, Tomoe patterns are often used for shrine crests.

Sayagata 紗綾形

It is a pattern in which the Chinese character 卍 is broken diagonally and connected continuously. It has the meaning of "perpetual eternity" and is a pattern that wishes for the prosperity and longevity of the family.

Karakusa 唐草

Karakusa is a pattern in which stems and leaves of vines are intertwined to draw curves.It is said to be an auspicious pattern such as "prosperity and longevity" because the vines have strong vitality and continue to grow.

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