Samurai Ring

The ring motif comes from an armor worn by the samurai warrior during the battle. With many trials and error, we came upon this ring with a Japanese samurai style.

What is a Samurai?

400 years ago, since the warring state period till the Edo period people with a long sword, skilled in martial arts served the Daimyo or Feudal lords. They are called the Samurai. They had their own philosophy and thoughts called the “Bushido”. Thoughts like,“ To risk one’s life on one's action & responsibility”, “Serve your duty by betting one’s life”, “Prepared to give away life on any failure”. From this kind of ideas of “Risking one’s life” a culture of “Seppuku” was born among the Samurai. This meant slashing open the belly abandoning one’s life at any events of failure.

“Chivalry” is quite similar to these “Bushido” in the west. But there was no such concept as taking entire responsibility by risking one’s life. “Bushido" or taking responsibility by abandoning one’s life as “Seppuku” has been quite heterogeneous around the world.

 Samurai’s popularity overseas

Nowadays, Japanese samurai is very popular around the world. Speaking of Japan, the first thing one can think of is the Samurai.It seems this unique idea of the Samurai's "to take life on their own actions and responsibilities" has seized the hearts of many people worldwide. It is that Japan's distinctive manner and thoughts made people feel that it’s "Cool".