The ring motif comes from an armor worn by the samurai warrior during the battle. With many trials and error, we came upon this ring with a Japanese samurai style.


 Semi-order-made: Choose any Japanese family crest & attach it in front of the samurai ring.

About us

YAMANASHI Prefecture, well know for its Jewelery industries.Our company was established in 1937 and has a long history and tradition in Japan. In the year 2006, we acquired prime {aaa} via worldwide authoritative rating company Standards & Poor`s (S & P). The techniques of skilled jewelery craftsmans ,designers and the factory is opened to general public where various kinds of new products are produced.

Lucky Open Factory

From the technique to make jewelry of craftsmen, to the technology and history cultivated from 1937 to the present, It is a facility to openly and openly watching everyone.

Designer / Artisan


Joined Lucky Co., Ltd. after graduation from Yamanashi Prefectural Institute of Gemology & Jewelry Arts. He is not only skilled as an artisan but also mastered the 3D computer graphics CAD to create new products. Active in trading with overseas customers too.

Design registration


A perfect black case resemble the  SAMURAI RING

Our company

Zip code: 400-0864
2-10-12 Yuda, Kofu city, Yamanashi prefecture, Japan

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