Japanese pattern design jewelry.
Introducing 6 types of Japanese patterns.

Sakura 桜

Japan’s national flower symbolizes spiritual beauty, purity, and graceful elegance.

Tomoe 巴

The Tomoe symbolizes the swirling motion of water, a motif commonly found in the design of roof tiles for private homes, serving as a form of fire protection. Additionally, in Japan, Tomoe patterns are frequently adopted in the crests of shrines.

Seigaiha 青海波

The Seigaiha pattern symbolizes the boundless ocean’s waves in harmonious repetition, embodying eternal happiness and a serene existence.

Karakusa 唐草

Karakusa is a pattern in which stems and leaves of vines are intertwined to form curves. It is considered an auspicious symbol representing ‘prosperity and longevity’ due to the vines strong vitality and continuous growth.

Edo Kiriko 江戸切子

Edo Kiriko refers to the exquisite art of patterned cut glass, where intricate designs are carved onto the glass surface. This jewelry piece draws inspiration from these patterns.

Sayagata 紗綾形

It is a pattern in which the Chinese character 卍 is broken diagonally and connected continuously, symbolizing ‘perpetual eternity.’ This pattern embodies aspirations for familial prosperity and longevity.