Virtual Factory Tour 

Welcome to the virtual reality (VR) factory tour of L&Co Open Factory.You can tour the actual factory where L&Co jewelry is made.There is also a display of products. You can also purchase the products you like as you see them.Please feel free to move around the space.



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About L&Co.JAPAN

We are an online shop specializing in Japanese jewelry. Our company, L&Co.TOKYO, represents jewelry makers from Yamanashi Prefecture, a region that accounts for one-third of jewelry production in Japan. With our CEO, Mr. Mochizuki, also serving as the Vice-Chairman of the Japan Jewellery Association, which brings together about a thousand manufacturers, we are able to offer a variety of Japanese jewelry brands. We have opened our flagship store in Tokyo, where you can purchase jewelry, create your own jewelry, and pick up your online orders. Additionally, we offer guided tours of our factory in Kofu City, Yamanashi. The craftsmen at L&Co.TOKYO create jewelry with the intention of it being "close to the wearer's daily life and bringing good luck."

Our Studio

Our company covers all the supply chain of jewelry, from planning, design and original equipment manufacturing, to wholesale and retail. In our factory we have our own studio/atelier, and we offer guided tours. In there you can experience making your own jewelry, or redesign/repair your existing jewels. We can host between 4,000-10,000 visitors a month in our guided tours. We have a maximum capacity of seven big buses coming to our studio on the same day. If you come to Yamanashi Prefecture, make sure to come to visit us!
400-0864 2-10-12 Yuda, Kofu city, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan


Samurai ring- Jewels Japan

Samurai Ring

The ring motif comes from the armor worn by the samurai warriors during the battle. After many trials and errors, we came upon this ring collection with a Japanese samurai style.

What is a Samurai?

For 400 years, between the “warring states” and the Edo period, people with long swords and skilled in martial arts served the Daimyo (feudal lords). There warriors were called Samurai, and had their own philosophy and set of principles called “Bushido”. Thoughts like, “risking one’s life in one's action & responsibility”, “serve your duty by betting your own life”, “be prepared to give life away on any failure” were part of the Samurai way.

Although “Chivalry” is a similar concept to “Bushido” in the West, it is devoid of the idea of taking entire responsibility by risking one’s life. “Bushido" or taking responsibility by abandoning one’s life is an idea inherently unique to the Samurai.

 Samurai’s popularity overseas

Nowadays, the Samurai concept is very popular around the world, to the point that for many people it is the first thing they can think of when thinking about Japan. It seems like the unique ideas embodied in “Bushido” have seized the hearts of people worldwide. It is considered distinctive of Japan's manner and thoughts, which many find to be "Cool".