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【Semi-Order】Samurai Ring (14-2351)

【Semi-Order】Samurai Ring (14-2351)

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All jewels are made-to-order. Please let us know your customization preferences through Facebook Messenger or via here. As for ring size, please check here

Manufacture time: 4weeks+delivery date via DHL from Japan.

Material Silver925

Choose your favorite mark from the picure on the SAMURAI RING(14-2295).
The mark will be placed on the forhead of the helmet ring. It is a semi-order ring. The sample of the ring has a Samurai SANADA's family logo called "Rokumon sen"『六文銭』on the head of the helmet. For the design on the helmet please drop a message of  the mark number on the design. we will contact you for the details. Its very cool. Semi Order!!

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