About Our Company

1.  Is “Jewels Japan” a Japanese company?

Yes! The name of our firm is “L&CO. Japan” and this website (our online shop) is called “Jewels Japan”.
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2.  Where else can I find “Jewels Japan”?

We open our brand-new flagship store in September 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. The name of the store is “L&Co.”, where you can see our products and even place an order too! There will be a designated craftsman based in the store, who can guide you through the experience of making your own jewelry! Let us know if you want to join, we will set an appointment for you!


3.  I am interested in a job at Jewels Japan. How can I apply?

Thank you for your interest! We always welcome new and motivated talents.

Email us at info@jewelsjapan.com with your resume and the position you are aspiring to.